Goa Weight Loss Retreats

Hi this is Rachel Moore and I am founder of Goa Weight Loss retreats in Goa, India. Over the last 12 years myself and my team have run retreats for weight loss all over the beautiful country of India and now have decided to hold ongoing retreats here in Goa because we love it so much!
The retreat that we having come up is going to be held near Siridao beach which is where we are based in Goa. Weight loss is the primary goal of all our retreats as many of you already know and we have been thrilled that over the years we have been able to consistently help our lovely guests lose so much weight and feel so much better about themselves as a result.

This year, 2017, is the time for us to take all that we’ve learned over the last 12 years of doing this and put all our efforts combined into Goa Weight Loss, retreats for people of all ages to come and lose weight, improve stamina and cardiovascular strength and have a great time on the beach and around Goa.

So come all to this absolute beauty of a beach destination and let’s get these retreats started!

Lot’s of love and hope to see you soon,

Rachel Moore

Goa Weight Loss

333 Siridao

Goa, 403108


+91 832 598 4264